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BWD #41: Kevin Clarke and Travis Vogt in “31,000 Leagues Under the Sea”


BWD #41: Kevin Clarke and Travis Vogt in “31,000 Leagues Under the Sea” (PLAY EPISODE)

Comedians and sexual dynamo/powerhouses Kevin Clarke and Travis Vogt star in “31,000 Leagues Under the Sea”, and talk about:

  • Listener letters from a Tiger Penis sick of getting eaten by people to give them stronger, longer-lasting erections, and a commitment phobic Bonobo
  • Kevin is liquefying his brain by watching all 43 seasons of ER for his ER podcast
  • Everyone hates Katherine Heigl, and rightly so
  • Ian makes unfair judgments about attractive female celebrities marrying princes and billionaires
  • Prince’s harem of sexual proteges
  • Most people don’t know Elliott Smith loved pranks, stood in as the statue of liberty when it was being repaired, is a Reagan and a Kennedy
  • RIP Travis Vogt, 1978-2013 “He already had the tiger penis in his mouth”
  • Racism in Star Trek

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Check out their appearances on The Enematic Cinematic, a podcast and live show a la Mystery Science Theater 3000. Live every second Tuesday at the White Rabbit in Fremont! It’s good.

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